About Arqui9 Learn

Arqui9 Learn is part of our ever persistent philosophy to share our knowledge and way of developing CGIs to the general public FREE. It was developed to inspire and share knowledge about the creative Architectural Visualisation process, from the professional for; architects, visualisers, artists, beginners and visionaries and all in the most simplistic of ways.

Visualisation has always been a part of the creative process and there is no doubt the better you master your tools the more variety and artistry you will be able to create.

We aim to simplify, demystify and get straight to the point of what it takes to create a good visual. Given time, techniques will no longer be a barrier to creating great visuals.

Arqui9 Learn features:

and remember, just do it POST!

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Arqui9 Learn has become one of the major sources for architectural illustration and visualisation learning. Companies and schools around the world have let us know that our tutorials are used in house by teams that belong to such names as:

Foster + Partners // Visual House // Zaha Hadid Architects // DBOX // Bath University // Hong-ik University // Ravensbourne University London and many more

Is your company using the tutorials? Let us know about it.



Along with the very successful tutorials created by Arqui9 Learn, we will be releasing master-classes and courses, with lots of free content.


We find post production is the easiest and quickest way to get your ideas on the table. We take you through a quick and easy post setup for your projects.


When we first started in architectural visualisation, post related tutorials were few and far beyond - more dedicated to actual techniques in 3D, we decided to break the mold and share what we know.


Most of our tutorials are directed at post production from a simplified point of view - we find that it really suits the architectural way of thinking and producing

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