Application: Adobe Photoshop CS6                                                     Documentation Type: PSD File                                                                               File Size: 71MB

The Changing Skies & Lighting Tutorial is a new tutorial from Arqui9 Learn uploaded to YouTube only a few weeks ago; its popularity has grown rapidly and so Arqui9 Learn has disclosed the PSD File as quickly as possible.

This File Includes:

  • All Assets that you can see
  • Great Lighting Effects
  • Painting Techniques
  • The Raw Render of the Model
  • Reference uses

Please note that this file is not directly purchasable through this website, the button below will take you to the Arqui9 Learn page on where you will be able to purchase this item. We are not able to sell through this website due to the file sizes being too large. Thank you for your co-operation!





See some sneak peaks of the Photoshop File. All of the effects that you saw in the tutorial will be included in this file for you to experiment with and create your own masterpieces. Share your new creations with us and let us know your feedback.